Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fashion B.T.Dubz

So there are four necessities for both ladies and gents I feel should be possessed…Its’ time to get GROWN! So don’t put so much focus on Karmaloop and wearing only two toned American Apparel Dresses (ADD LAYERS GEEZ)! attention to detail..


A. Skinny Tie: (you can get one from Aldo or even better EBAY!)

B. Leather Loafers

C. Leather-Banded Wrist Watch

D. Nike Air Max 90s or 95s (whatever tickles your fancy)


A. Black Sheer Pantyhose

B. Loose Fitting White Tee (Crew or V-Neck)

C. Wrist Watch (Metal or Leather Band)

D. Studs (Back Away from the Plastic Jewelry!)

...yours truly...

1 comment:

  1. u can also get skinny ties at american apparel for like 15 -20 bucks!